Christie Nuell

Christie Nuell has exhibited in over 100 exhibitions, regionally, nationally and internationally. Born in Oxford, England, she has lived in England, Wales, Italy, the United States, and the Isle of Man.

Nuell brings her deep knowledge of printmaking processes and technology together in her artwork, mixing media in unusual ways, including the use of a laser engraver to incise imagery into surfaces which may range from paper to wood and masonite. Frequently the surfaces are treated with paint, stains, or inked, and then are re-engraved with additional imagery. The effect is a rich patina of lines, color, and deliberate pentimenti. Informational graphics and binary code appear in fragments, suggesting the demise of the industrial revolution and the rise of the age of information, emphasizing the visual systems on which both were built. Recently she has explored sound and animation in her work, drawing from the same library of forms and themes.

Her most recent work is in water-based media, using collage and tiling techniques to create dynamic compositions of great richness and depth.

She received her undergraduate degree from SUNY College at Geneseo, and her MFA from the University of Georgia. She is retired from her position as Professor of Art at Middle Tennessee State University, teaching Printmaking and Interactive Design classes. She was married to the late Lon Nuell, and has two sons.